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There are a lot of misconceptions about fashion blogs guest post, and it’s time to put them to rest. Fashion blogging is not simply the glam adventures of a group of rich people that already have tons of money; in reality, the majority of fashion bloggers have full-time jobs outside the industry and they still spend hours on their blog every day. They typically make earnings on the lower end of the spectrum, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming some of the most influential influencers in today’s society.

In this article, we’ve compiled 10 professional fashion bloggers you should follow for their impeccable style sense and phenomenal blogs. But first, let’s take a look at what fashion bloggers and how you can start your own blog!

What is a fashion blogger?

A fashion blogger is someone that keeps an online journal – typically referred to as a blog – documenting their thoughts, fashion choices, and interests. Many fashion bloggers will also include photographs along with their text-based posts. Blogs are usually free to follow and don’t require any payment or subscription fees. However, there are many affiliate marketing opportunities that can lead to making money from your blog through advertisements and sponsored products.

How do I start my own blog?

Starting your own blog should be simple with the right tools. The two most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. However, you can also use Tumblr, TypePad, or even Microsoft Live Writer. All of these platforms allow you to customize the appearance of your blog at no cost.

You can also organize your blog by creating categories and adding tags to your posts.

How do I start my own fashion blog?

Well with fashion blogs, the name of the game is inspiration. You need to be someone’s muse in order to stand out from all the other bloggers with similar blogs out there on the internet. This is where creating a unique blog layout can be key. You should also do your research and check out the latest trends before you start to write for your blog. You can also sign up for websites like Fashionising, which will provide you with beautiful fashion photos to share on your blog.

Make sure that the background colors of your blog posts are coordinated with your current style or fashion palette. If you’re not already using a blogging platform that allows you to create custom layouts and post thumbnail images, then this is the place to start.

How do I get organic traffic?

The goal of any blogger should be to attract readers and in doing so, grow their audience online. Social networking sites like Google+ and Facebook are great platforms to get your blog online, but when it comes to organic traffic, you’ll need to attract people from inside of the blogging platform. It’s a good idea to sign up for a couple of these social bookmarking sites in order to build your audience and search engine optimization.

10 professional fashion bloggers

1) The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) –

2) Free People (Maddy Myers) –

3) If You Only Knew : A blog about fashion, style and life as a woman in the city of New York –

4) Style Beauty (Amirah Karroum) –

5) Lindsay’s Fashion Diary (Lindsay Davidowitz) –

6) Diary of a Streetstyle Blogger (Michaela Kensington) –

7) Amour Vert (Katherine Edwards) –

8) The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) –

9) Fashion Fringe (Evanne Wimbush-Keller) –

10) Neutrals Matter (Brittany Romero Lacroix ) –



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