Today’s world is so connected and accessible that it can sometimes be easy to forget how special our own cities are. We take for granted the bustling streets and lively neighborhoods that make life so much more interesting than we could ever hope to get from living on a farm, but it is an adventure worth taking to find them yourself. These explorations are fun and fascinating, full of surprises and a sense of discovery about the world; and there’s an enticement, too, that comes from finally realizing how close we actually are to seeing things firsthand. These can be found in lifestyle blog ideas.

In his latest book, “A Guide to Urban Excursions: Exploring the Unexpected in Cities,” veteran journalist Vince DiGenti has collected over 50 of his most memorable experiences on these “urban adventures” a mix of experiences in urban settings (like globetrotting festival-goers or those who follow the Harlem Globetrotters) with actual daily excursions he’s made into the city itself (for example, visiting his favorite restaurant or discovering a shopping district).

The book is full of these glimpses, ranging from one-of-a-kind experiences to ones that are all too ordinary but all interesting in their own ways, and just as enjoyable. He also includes a bunch of other things he loves about cities, like the fact that they’re filled with people just like us.

“I saw a lot of people I knew after walking away from stores or after participating in special events,” he says, “and it was so cool to realize that I walked right past a lot of really interesting and enthralling sights. And that’s because you don’t have to take a vacation to go somewhere else, you can just walk outside and explore your own city.”

The book is written for two different types of readers. First, there are those who are unfamiliar with the world of urban adventures, so the book is designed to serve as an introduction. This includes things like how to get started; what you’ll need when you go; how much time to spend on each excursion; and what kind of travel style will work best for you. In addition, he also explains why urban exploration is fun in the first place. (He enjoys it because he thinks it’s fascinating seeing other people going about their lives. He also loves the “simplicity and the freedom of it all”.)

“I think people are busy, and they don’t take time to step outside their routines,” he says. “And I’ve noticed that people who go on urban adventures end up liking it more than they even expected. It’s not just about a list of places to visit; it’s about exploring your own city in ways you didn’t previously know.”

The second type of reader is those who have already been on urban adventures before, but might need some new ideas, or simply want to reminisce. This part of the book is really enjoyable because it has a ton of great tips about where to go (and where not to go). For example, he says that when he’s exploring, he likes to visit places that have hidden secrets. But he also cautions readers to avoid places that are packed with crowds.

“Sometimes I’ll see people take pictures at things like giant shopping malls, and it’s like they’re saying “Oh look at this! You don’t need to travel to see something spectacular!” It’s cool for people who are just weekend warriors and don’t have a lot of time because then I can just go there, take a picture, or even walk through quickly,” he says.



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