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Smartphones are highly preferred to home phones and you don’t need a study or a statistic to prove that. All you have to do is look around and you’ll see that it is pretty obvious. However, it doesn’t mean that there are still some people that use home phones. No doubt, smartphones are more convenient than home phones, but in certain situations, having a home phone is handy.

There are different reasons why people would get a home phone, some might say it helps to save money, and some say it is because of the convenience when your smartphone is not available. Depending on the reasons, you have different priorities and thus, you will be looking for a certain set of features in the home phone plans. But, what are you even supposed to look for? This is what we will be discussing today to help you out.

In addition to that, we will also be talking about the reasons why you need a landline. This way, if you have been considering signing up for a plan, you will know whether to go for it or not. 

Select the Right Home Phone Service

What is the main reason you are considering getting a home phone? Or what feature or benefit convinced you to get a home phone plan? Did you feel like something was lacking in the smartphone that made you want to get a home phone? These are some of the questions that will identify your needs or requirements. Once you answer these questions, you will come to understand the plan that would be best for you.

Some home phone plans have basic features like call waiting, call blocking, voicemail, etc. These features in a home phone plan are quite necessary for everyone. Whereas features like conference calls and more are additional features and perks that can make the plan even more attractive to the consumer. If you are getting this home phone for your business, then keep in mind that you will need to look for features like an answering system, call-redirecting feature, and the like.

Now, take a look at the reasons why a home phone is just as much or more useful than a smartphone.

Reasons to Keep a Landline/Home Phone

As we mentioned before, there are certain features in a home phone that you can’t get in a smartphone. So, what are these features and why can you only find them in a home phone and not a smartphone? Let’s take a look.

Crystal-Clear Call Quality

Sometimes, when we have connectivity issues with our smartphones, the voice of the other person gets distorted. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is more common than it seems, and this is something that you will hardly face with a home phone. 

The voice quality is crisp and clear, which is why it is perfect for businesses as well. You will be able to talk to your employees, co-workers, and even important clients without having to ask them to repeat what they said over and over.

Connection to Emergency Services

During an emergency, especially something on a bigger scale like a dangerous storm, or other extreme weather conditions, you might lose signals on your cell phone, but not your landline. Your landline will still be able to connect and you can contact the first responders and make them aware of your situation. This way, help will be sent to your home immediately. Additionally, first responders can instantly track your location, thanks to your home phone so, this is a particularly useful feature in any situation.

Coverage in Areas without a Cell Phone Signal

Smartphone signals are not guaranteed in every part of the world. And unfortunately, some people just happen to live in no-signal or weak-signal areas. In those cases, a landline is the only method or the primary method of contacting family, friends, or anyone else. As we mentioned before, home phones work even in harsh conditions so once again, this works to your advantage. 

Works without Power

Losing power is definitely not something that is very common and when it does, it is usually during an emergency. And well, smartphones can still be used as long as they have a signal or till their battery runs out. 

But if the power has been gone for days, your cell phone will eventually run out of battery, so it is better to use a landline for communicating with people. And yes, you guessed it. A home phone can be used even during a power outage.

Wonderful Deals from ISPs

The last reason that you should keep a landline is that home phone plans can be very cost-effective! Depending on the ISP, the phone plan may be expensive or affordable, but this is why you need to look into different ISPs and plans. Xfinity is a great provider that offers reasonable prices for its phone plans. You can even find Xfinity Telefono on this link, which is a Spanish phone plan for Latin Americans, etc.

To Wrap It All Up

Have you made your decision? Are you going to get a home phone plan? If so, have you decided on a provider? If you need help deciding on a provider, you can find multiple resources online with reviews and comparisons. You can check out those blogs and articles and ultimately choose the one you think is best!


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