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When I was in grad school I was working on a dissertation about photography. I took some amazing pictures of cats, and the process of going from a dark room and using a camera that’s so sensitive and delicate to taking a picture of a cat’s fur is something that I’m still learning about. The process of finding a cat photo that looked natural and just right and finding the right level of light and exposure is something that I thought would come naturally to me.

In that same dissertation I proposed that cat photos should be viewed as an art form. I thought that the same way we view paintings, sculptures, and photographs is that they should be appreciated as art. It’s almost like we should create something more akin to art than photography.

I disagree with that. I think that cat photography is a great way to show off a cat’s artistic talents. But if we were to use cat photos to create art, we would be doing it wrong. I think that we should use cat photos as art because we want to show off what the cat can do. We want to show off not what the cat is, but the way that the cat looks.

It just happens that cats are amazing animals, and if we were to use cat photos to create art in the same way we use sculptures and photographs to create art, we could be doing it wrong. While a painting of a cat could never be “wrong” in the same way, to create it as art, we would create an image of an animal that is not a cat. But this is one of those situations where we need to consider the context of the art.

Cat photos have been used for a variety of purposes, from entertainment to advertising and education. In the past, the best art could be created by creating a painting of a cat. Today, the best art can be created by creating a photo of a cat. In the art world, we usually call these photos “featured” images because we’re showing off a cat’s good qualities.

We have actually been asked to create art featuring felines for a project that we do occasionally. We wanted to show off the different kinds of cats we have as well as some of their unique features. We did this by cropping out the eyes and ears, then painting a picture of the head. The result is quite striking.

The more times you see a cat, the more it seems to be a cat. The more times you see a cat, the more it seems to be a cat. Our cat, Toto, came to us because she had been neglected by her owner (a.k.a. the cat’s mother). So we had to take her in and give her a home. She’s a very friendly cat who loves to greet people.

The more we see of Toto, the more we seem to be a cat. We can’t all be this way, so if you like cats, then look at our pictures. We hope you enjoy them too.

You can take a look at the cats pictures on our gallery.

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