________ has many of the traits of what is now being known as cloud computing. Computer database during which all knowledge is saved in Relations which are tables with rows and columns. Each desk consists of information and every record is recognized by a area containing a singular worth. Every desk shares at least one subject with one other desk in ‘one to 1,’ ‘one to many,’ or ‘many to many’ relationships.

13. ___ is a system of networked machine aggregation hardware the place info is saved on a quantity of digital servers, quite than being hosted on a single onerous server. You could also view Porter’s negative tackle decreasing the barrier to entry as a optimistic for model spanking new corporations. The Internet’s affect being negative or constructive relies upon partly on the viewpoint from which the influence is being seen.

Which of the following best describes malicious insiders? They hack computers in an attempt to advertise a political ideology. They are employed by a corporation to test the security of another organization’s data techniques. A cloud is defined as the mixture of the infrastructure of a data-center with the flexibility to provision hardware and software.

E) Tweets are replacing running a blog. Organizations are using social computing in which of the next functions? A) Marketing b) Customer Relationship Management c) Human Resource Management d) All of those. B. Think concerning the phrases users would sort to search out your pages and embody those phrases in your site.

An attacker is able to entry compromised methods and capture data. The legitimate person credentials gathered by an attacker is used to put in backdoors for distributing malware. Which of the next is true of white hat hackers? They are hired by a company to check the security of its information systems. They disrupt an organization’s data techniques and enterprise operations. They capture commerce secrets and try to gain an unfair competitive benefit in an organization.

It supplies a solution to deal with a Trojan horse. It identifies distributed denial-of-service assaults. It prevents worms by eliminating their capacity to duplicate. Which of the following is a downside of the bring your personal gadget business policy?

Select the BEST answer. Communication between providers is done broadly using _______ protocol. _______ is a Microsoft software consumer that’s a part of the company’s Identity Metasystem and built into the Web Services Protocol Stack. forty eight. _________ is one the most successful solutions or methods for achieving a business objective are called of the more expensive and complex areas of network computing. ________ is the assignment of a community id to a particular MAC address that enables systems to be discovered on networks.

__________ cloud is one the place the cloud has been organized to serve a standard operate or function. __________ is a measure of whether the operation is inside or outside the security boundary or community firewall. Cloud computing just isn’t fitted to situations where complicated legacy systems should be ported.

A) Configuration data is stored within the configuration Management Database , which is fed by way of the Configuration Management System to the SKMS. 71) An environment friendly customer response system instantly links consumer behavior to distribution and production and provide chains. Returning back of dangerous high quality of products are the example of social obligations. In enterprise there is primary motive of social welfare is ……… associated to it. Which of the following is true of a virus signature? It quarantines the virus current in a system.