I love cake smashing photography! I do it on purpose, but I also do it for fun. I like people being silly and making the best of a bad situation (not including cakes, of course).

People do it for a variety of reasons, but it seems like a pretty common one to me. My favorite cakes to smash are those that remind me of a specific character, but aren’t particularly memorable. I’d do it for the sake of it, but I’m sure some people might be put off by the images of my face looking like a clown.

There are a couple reasons why cake smashing photography is popular, but one of the most common ones is because it is a cheap and easy way to get great looking shots of cakes. The other thing cake smashing photography is popular with is because we have the ability to capture the entire cake in one shot rather than having to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

It is a good idea to take a look at a cake before you hit the bake button. I have a few tips on how to do this, so without further ado…

For more cake info, make sure to check out our video where I take a look at some of the best cakes I’ve made.

This is a great tip for anyone with a cake that is slightly too large for their camera to take a full picture within the recipe. You can get around this by putting the camera at the end of the cake (like we did in my video) and keeping it pointed at the cake to keep it from being too large.

When you start to take a photo in cake smashing mode, you may want to put the camera down for a bit. Not only is it easier to move around in a larger cake, but it’s even easier to get in an awkward pose or pose in front of a cake.

That said, this method does have a downside. When you take a photo, you may come across other people in the cake smashing picture. Because cake smashing is the only option, you’re only going to be able to get a photo of one person in the picture. You can still make a good selfie, but you might end up with a blurry shot of the cake.

If you can still capture the person or person’s face, then you can use the picture to make a profile photo. This is one of the most popular services for the iPhone and Android. As you can see from the pics included in this post, it’s a fun and easy way of making a self portrait. The most time-consuming part is getting the person in the photo.

Like most people, I was once told that I should take a picture of myself and then make a profile photo out of it. I was told that if I didn’t do this, I would probably end up looking like this guy. Which is true, but not the best way. If I were a guy, I would definitely be making a profile portrait out of my self image.

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