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Can Bearded Dragon Eat Blueberries?

Always avoid what you know is dangerous to bearded dragons on your pet’s security. No, bearded dragons should not eat dried blueberries as they are pretty excessive in sugar. While one hundred grams of contemporary blueberries contain 10 grams of sugar, the identical amount of dried blueberries may have about 68 grams of total sugars. Bearded dragons eat numerous sorts of greens, aside from insects. The vegetable part of their food regimen should be consisting of up to 90% greens and 10% fruit.

Some bearded dragons love eating blueberries, and as a responsible proprietor, you’ll be involved to know if these berries are suitable for the beardies or not. You don’t want do chickens eat mushrooms to feed your pet foods, which aren’t good for it. The fruit is high in vitamin C and fiber, but low in sugar.

If you are involved about your Bearded Dragon go to a vet or name one as soon as attainable. Find out how ExoticDirect’s pet insurance coverage can cowl vet charges or where to find a specialist vet. Brumation may also be a trigger in your Beardie to lose its appetite. Find out extra about this in our Bearded Dragon Brumation article. Most stay feeders for Bearded Dragons can begin to smell when you’re storing them. It’s worth finding house for them in a storage, if you have one.

Do not use the crisper, because the air does not flow into too good round that area. Blueberries ought to stay recent for about one week after buying. Gently put the berries right into a colander and wash them thoroughly. Then put them again into their container with a paper towel beneath, so the water doesn’t drip everywhere. If the answer is no, you would not eat mentioned berries; it may be best to toss them and get some fresh ones as a substitute.

You’ll need to avoid any berries that are not a stunning shade of darkish blue. Bearded dragons belong to a gaggle of eight reptiles known as Pogona from the Greek word pogon, which suggests “beard”. And that’s how these beloved lizards acquired their fearsome widespread name. Blueberries have an unbalanced calcium and phosphorus ratio.

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