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If you’re a blogger just starting out, there are some amazing ways to get blog ideas and generate traffic that can help your blog grow. These clever tech blog ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for your next post. From how to use social media in combination with blogging to how easy it is to access trends and information, these tips are sure to keep you busy for weeks!

1 Have a Pinterest board dedicated solely for your blog’s industry. Follow blogs in that industry whose topics interest you the most and pin images directly from their posts onto your own boards so people can find them easily. Having a dedicated board for the blog will help you attract visitors who would normally avoid blogs in your industry because they’re too busy and don’t have time to read everything. Bloggers with Pinterest boards are often ranked higher than bloggers without one.

2 Use social media in combination with blogging to find new content ideas. Utilize other channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract new readers and stay on top of what’s popular when it comes to trending topics. When you come across a topic that catches your attention, record an initial post that includes links or screenshots so people can get more information on the subject matter.

3 Use these unique (and sometimes hilarious) blogger’s guides for some holiday blog ideas. Check out these clever tech blog ideas featured in “Lifestyle Blogging” to find great gift ideas for your readers from the authors of your favorite blogs such as OpenSesame, Debbie’s Frugal Bliss, Money Savvy Mom and Budget Blonde.

4 Use video to share tutorials and videos with your followers by using video extensions like YouTube or Vimeo. Video can be an engaging way to teach people useful information about a certain topic or product without having to write it all out yourself. It also encourages you to further elaborate on each step of the tutorial as you go along so readers who are eager to learn more will stay tuned in as you demonstrate how-to steps.

5 Follow the blogging community to keep up with what other bloggers are doing with their blogs. Most blogging communities have a section on their website that’s designated solely for providing you with “starter blog ideas.” These can help spark some great post ideas that will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.

6 Share holiday tips every time a major holiday event happens. Holiday posts are extremely popular among bloggers because they create great blog ideas for gift guides, recipes and shopping trends. Make sure to link out to products or services you can provide in your posts so they’re led directly back to your blog! The more people visit pages on your website, the more likely they’ll be to stay. Also, don’t be afraid to raise your prices as the holiday season approaches.

7 Keep track of the words that you use in each post. This is a great way to find out what people are searching for most when they’re online and what keywords they’re using to find your blog. If writing posts that are direct answers to common questions is something you want, this technique can help you learn more about the guidelines bloggers follow when writing these types of blog posts.

8 Use blogging software like WordPress or Blogger to make it easy for your readers to stay on top of your blog’s latest posts. These tools can streamline your blogging efforts and make it easy for you to update your blog several times a day without having to do all the coding yourself.

9 Track your site’s analytics like Google Analytics, Alexa or Compete. You can find out things like what time of day readers are most likely to visit, where they’re coming from and what social media websites they use the most. This information will help you optimize your blog’s design and decide which types of content to write about so that readers continue visiting from one post to the next.

10 Make it easy for people to subscribe through email or RSS feed subscriptions in addition to liking or following your website on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. People looking for something specific from your blog will be more likely to find what they need if they can subscribe to your blog by email or RSS feed.


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