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I am writing this post after watching the best documentary on the history of science, The Story of Science, last night. The film features the life and achievements of Albert Einstein, a physicist who did more than any other inventor to change the way we view the world. It is an incredible film, full of history, science, human achievement and beauty. The film is narrated by the late actress Shirley MacLaine, who is as amazing as the film itself.

I don’t know if I’m going to watch this, but I definitely want to learn more about Einstein! He was clearly one of the most brilliant thinkers of all time. I can’t wait to see more of his life and work.

We’re not sure if Einstein was an inventor like us, or if he just made scientific theories that people could understand. We do know that he was an engineer as well. He built the first working elevator in 1781. He founded a medical school (in 1879) and helped invent the first X-ray. He was also a great inventor, so we’re glad he was able to work on the development of these technological accomplishments.

The other thing to point out is that Einstein never got rich. For example, a video on YouTube entitled “How I Made $5 Million” shows that Einstein’s wife made over $1 million in a year and a half. He was a bachelor and married to a woman who made a lot of money. Einstein was a very modest man, so there’s always an argument against the idea that he was this incredibly wealthy genius who just made it all up.

While there has been some controversy surrounding Einstein’s theories of relativity, he didn’t actually invent them. He simply understood how mass and energy interact in the universe and made some of these ideas work. What Einstein did do though, was show that we can make things move faster and faster and that physics can be explained in a way that we can understand. This is one of the main reasons that some people have started to think that he was a genius.

Einstein was an incredibly smart man, but he was a very poor teacher. His ideas were often wildly incorrect, and he believed that he could see the way that light behaved without actually seeing a particular light. This would be something like a dream or a thought, and it would be impossible to disprove. This is why Einstein believed that his theory of relativity could be proven to be correct, and that it would be possible to see the light interactions that he was describing.

You can’t just get rid of the physics by focusing on the physics of the universe. It’s a good thing Einstein learned physics from his student years ago. His theory says that the universe’s gravitational force is the result of its mass. And when you focus on the matter in the universe, you can see that there’s a bunch of matter inside, and that’s all that matter. It’s no wonder that Einstein believed that he could explain why he saw light as the force of gravity.

The problem with theories as they are today is that you can make them explain something that you cant explain. In our society, we use our minds to understand things that we don’t understand. We use our minds to imagine things that we don’t know.

Einstein knew that there was a lot of matter in the universe, especially the stuff that makes up planets and stars, but he was more concerned with how we think about the universe. When he got to the point that he could calculate the speed of light and the relationship between matter and light, he realized that he could explain the speed of light. In our world, we are so accustomed to thinking in terms of light-speed and relativity that it takes a lot of explaining.

A lot of knowledge and information that we really don’t even know about planets and stars is lost at the end of the day. We do know that when we are on a spaceship, we can see the light coming from the spaceship and the spaceship is in an orbit around the ship. That is not good.

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