When it comes to beating the summer heat, linen is the best choice for staying cool, while looking classy. The longevity of linen is great for fashion and brings casual elegance. The linen shirt for men is back, but this time in a fashionable and modern avatar. To add a touch of tradition to the classic kurta, linen shirts and kurtas look more homely and comfortable. 

Linen shirts for men

Linen is a breathable fabric and feels good against your skin. We enhance this quality by adding the latest trends and the most vibrant colours to suit any occasion. While the summer heat gathers sweat in the fabric, linen can keep the skin cool and the wearer attractive. Cool colours like blues and greens are ideal for the summer, to holiday in style. These colours can reflect the heat, thereby keeping you comfy and cool. 

Linen suits the mood of every casual and relaxed occasion. Modern linen-blends have wrinkle-resistant qualities and need less maintenance too, which is great for formal events at the office, or even informal occasions. 

Linen in lilac and neon green adds a lovely touch of colour, being the most playful of the lot. Pink, white, and yellow striped linen shirts come as fun choices with a more serious look. Blue is also a luxurious colour and very soothing to an onlooker’s eye. Deeper colours go well for men who love a more sombre look.

Linen kurtas for men

The linen kurta for men is now making a comeback into mens fashion. While a short linen kurta fits in any traditional household, it can also act as a perfect complement to pyjamas. A long kurta fits any occasion in the family and it is a novel way to feel comfortable, regal, and fashionable. Mehendi green kurtas exude prosperity while neon green kurtas add a dash of modernity to them. Another cool alternative is mint green and it suits the occasions of a family wedding or an evening spent in one’s native place.

Pale blue kurtas and white kurtas are used for a more playful look while white suits any kind of trousers, dhoti pants, etc. A vibrant look comes about with teal and black kurtas. For increased vitality, orange is the most attractive choice. 

You can find a large assortment of linen garments for men on online stores by designer labels like Wendell Rodricks, Agape Men, etc. Head over there now for the best linen creations to choose from.


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