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the institute of space technology (informally known as “ISTA”), is a school of engineering where students are taught to utilize technology to the benefit of society by leveraging the advances in the field of space technology. ISTA is based in the heart of the city of Islamabad, Pakistan.

ISTA is one of the most important non-governmental organizations in Pakistan. Over the last couple of years it has helped build Pakistan’s space technology industry by providing basic courses to hundreds of students.

ISTA is a great example of the importance of the space industry in Pakistan. It has a strong social media presence and is well known for its educational institutions. This also helps it achieve many of its other objectives, which include creating jobs and improving Pakistan’s national interests.

It also has a strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, and has a thriving news website. The institute also has an excellent website and a well-established network of alumni and staff. As an advocate of space technology, they also send representatives to international conferences.

In fact, the institute has a large presence on social media. The main social media outlet is Twitter, which has over a million followers. The institute also has a Facebook page. Other than that, the institute has a YouTube channel and a blog. Also, they have a presence on Google Plus, a popular site for professional networking where you can communicate with like-minded professionals.

The institute has over a million followers on Facebook and over a million followers on Twitter. One of the more interesting things about their Facebook page is that they give away free space-themed gifts. Their gifts are not space-themed, but they give away space-themed gifts, too. Of course, the institute has a Twitter account, too.

The institute is located in the middle of Pakistan and is home to Pakistan’s first space technology startup. And they have quite a bit of space technology on their website. In fact, their website is so dense that it requires a mouse click to get to the actual page.

The institute of space technology (ISTC) is Pakistan’s first startup space and has a rather unique mission statement. They’re in the middle of a space race with an aim to create a space-based economy. They also seem to have some interest in taking advantage of science to advance space travel. Of course, their website is filled with space-themed ads.

After the site loads, you can see that they have several space-based projects. Although, in the same way as a car company has a car-related mission statement, it seems pretty obvious that the ISTC wants to be a space-based company. If you want to be a space-based company, you would probably want to have a space-related mission statement. Even if you don’t, its a common theme anyway.

The ISTC seems to be the poster-child for the space-related companies (though the US space agency has a much more visible mission statement). Of course, when they first got into the space business, they were doing very much the same things as the ISTC. They wanted to create a private space-based company that would go into space and be a big part of the space industry. It sounds stupid, but they managed to get funding from NASA and the private sector.

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