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You know that photo of the guy you always see at the mall? Yeah, that’s me. It’s not because I’m so smart, it’s because I’m so dumb.

A lot of people think that having a picture of yourself at the mall would make you cool. But, you know what? It usually doesn’t. This could be because you are not cool, you have nothing to say to everyone, and you are not looking for a selfie to be famous. It could also be because you don’t know the picture is even of you.

The best part of the new inter-state photography is that it makes you look like a dope. It has a nice little twist to it and makes you look like a douche. The fact that you are not aware of your own stupidity makes you look like the dumbest person on earth.

And then there’s the “photo of you” meme. The internet really loves it. All those people who think they are cool in their photos are people they want to be famous. If you are famous in a picture, you will get all of them, because they will all want to be famous. I’m not saying you should actually do it, but you should at least think about it.

We want to talk about the internet in general, but this is a good example of what happens when you ignore everyone else and think you are being intelligent. If you are using photoshop, you will not be able to just make a photo of your best friend without them knowing it. The internet wants you to be a douche, not someone who is aware of their own stupidity.

That is called self-awareness. If you are unaware of your own stupidity, then you know that you are on the internet, so you are not douchey. So we are talking about the internet in general, so everyone is douchey.

A lot of times people think they are douchey because they don’t see their own stupidity. But really, you are not douchey because you are not aware of your own stupidity, you are douchey because you are unaware that you are on the internet. It is called being on the internet because you are not aware of it and you are not thinking about it.

Another example of douchey was when I was at the gym yesterday. I was in a different state, but I was trying to get a lap dance from a girl in Tennessee. I was not a douchey person, however she was.

I have no idea how it is that you are a douchey person, but a douchey person does get to do something which you are not aware of. That is called being a douchey person. Just because you are not a douchey person does not mean that you are not aware of it.

Douchey is a term often applied to people who take photos without any special training or equipment. If you want to learn how to shoot a drone drone drone drone, you need to learn how to shoot a drone drone drone. There are so many things about it that are just beyond me, but I can tell you one thing, it is NOT easy to shoot a drone drone drone.

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