At joelynn rathmann photography, we believe that our photos are the first impression of us. The more we look at the photo, the more we believe we see ourselves. Our photos are to us what our paintings are to us.

Joelle Rathmann, a photojournalist originally from Colorado, is a lover of fine art and photography. She lives and works in beautiful New York City. Joelle believes that all of our photos should be published as a photo-album. She writes, shoots, and manages her own photo-albums and photographs. She is an expert in photo editing and digital photography.

She’s here to tell us, “I’m here to create your art. To create your photo-album. To create your story to tell, and to create your photo-art.

So Joelle is going to be here today helping us build a new photo-album called “Painting a Home.” Joelle will be joining us from the studio where she works. She will be taking lots of questions from our guests.

We’re hoping you’ll join us for this first-ever, no-longer-supported podcast. Join us as we talk with Joelle, and get new and exciting insights into the art of photography. We hope you enjoy the show.

Joelle is a professional photographer, and a self-proclaimed “artist.” She’s also a painter, and a former computer science student. She’s been featured in over a hundred magazine and website articles and has been featured in major outlets like GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, and The New York Times. She’s done everything from traveling to Japan to the South Pacific to the Grand Canyon and Alaska.

Joelle is also an avid blogger and self-proclaimed “artist” who loves to “paint with words,” and has been sharing her photography and her art in blog and print-form for the past seven years. We don’t know how a photographer such as Joelle can maintain such a creative and prolific career without the constant support of others. When Joelle finds a new project that she wants to explore, she spends her entire day or evening working on it.

She paints, draws, photographs, and makes jewelry. She has been doing so for the past seven years. Her work is often described as a mix of “art,” “photography,” and “art photography.

She is one of our more “real” artists, who has been called “a true artist’s artist.” Her work is often described as an “art-photography” hybrid. She uses a range of different materials and techniques to create her works.

Joelle is a self-taught photographer who was born and raised in Paris, France. She studied photography in Paris, as well as art and art history at the Sorbonne University. She moved to New Jersey in 2007 and has since lived in different locations around the country. She currently works out of her home studio.

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