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KuCoin is an international cryptocurrency yet altcoin exchange established in 2017 and based in Seychelles. KuCoin provides the medium to purchase, sell and trade in digital currencies.

Additionally, it yields a comprehensive approach to crypto operations peer-to-peer trading, lowest charges in the market, choice of staking or leasing crypto to earn rewards, and many more.

Since KuCoin is a consumer-oriented platform, it has much to offer, including the following.

Instant-Exchange Users of KuCoin have the privilege of trading in above six hundred electronic currencies. People hunting for a vast option of assets tend to show admiration for what this exchange offers. Some popular cryptocurrencies that are accessible to deal in are the following

  • Bitcoin(BTC)
  • XRP(XP)
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum
  • Shiba Inu(SHIB)

This attribute facilitates instant crypto-to-crypto exchanges and has gained KuCoin an increased acceptance as it permits crypto enthusiasts to dig further in the multiverse of crypto smoothly.

Low Fees is another remarkable trait that has earned immense exchange popularity is its gradation model, with transaction fees extending from 0.0125% – 0.1%, based on one’s tier rank. KuCoin offers LUNC price packages with comparatively low fees than any other digital currency, which may normally charge up to 0.5% per trade. Consumers can also avail themselves of concessions based on their KuCoin Token balance and more services in the application.

Besides, there are no deposit fees charged on this exchange. Isn’t it so great?

Security levels To ensure there is no safety breach and transparency of users’ assets, it is backed by the world’s most ultra-modern and sophisticated technology. Various safety cautions further enhance the protection of traders’ data.

The user account is safeguarded by multifactor authentication and advanced SSL encryption. In addition to basic login details, KuCoin propounds the benefit of separate passwords for commerce. The security measures provide multiple coatings that are rarely observed amongst crypto exchanges.

Trading For Beginners And Pro Users

The Futures initiative commenced in 2019 is another convenient feature launched by KuCoin. The feature for users grants margined training with 100 times leverage.

KuCoin Futures have two categories. For newbies with no prior trading experience, the lite version is designated, and for more experienced individuals, the pro version is allotted. The latter is more advanced and allows to switch between USDT margined, and BTC margined contracts. This component assures a safe experience for beginners and lubricates paths for professionals.

Closing Thoughts

The growing recognition of KuCoin is evident from the growth in some KuCoin transactions since its inception. Modified grids and developed trading mechanisms make KuCoin and its bitcoin mining pool as one of the top exchanges in the world. Many utilities, products, and services accommodate an extensive range of traders and trading precedence.

KuCoin has become an aspiring and revolutionary player in the crypto space. The exchange is trusted globally for its security, excellent services, and characteristics. It is well-suited for those seeking exposure to famous and reliable crypto assets and tokens. Hence it is fair to conclude that KuCoin is safe and secure.

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