We are extremely proud of the fact that our React Native course takes only one day to teach you how to build your app. https://ncreportcards.com/ says, with React Native’s reactive development environment, it is possible to rewrite your app’s interfaces without even reloading the browser.

This means that you can learn about where your data lives, how it flows through your program and whether or not all collaborators are connected in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days! You’ll save time by limiting the amount of screen-reloads needed during the development and release process. Learning React Native is a powerful way to save time and money.

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How to Build Your App in One Day

Let’s be honest, React Native makes developing your app look easy. And it is actually pretty simple to get started with React Native. But what if you’ve never used React before? How can you truly get a handle on how it works by tomorrow? This is the question we answer in our free course for developers who are new to React and want to get started building their own apps! In this course, we take beginners from absolute beginner level to a point where they can build a full-fledged app from scratch by the end of one day and they’re going to be really proud of themselves for doing so.

We have made this course as beginner-friendly as possible, so beginners can watch all or most of this course without being afraid or confused. You will start with an introduction to React, the programming paradigm it makes use of, and go on to cover topics such as how is data created in React apps, why is data managed in React with Flux, how are components managed with Redux, the file structure of the app using webpack & Babel.

Making apps with React Native is simpler compared to building native iOS applications. But as a beginner, you may need a little guidance to get started with React Native.

Learning curve

React Native’s learning curve can seem steep at first, but if you have a mentor who can help you learn it at your own pace offline then you’re going to be a lot more efficient in delivering your first app. We have prepared this tutorial for you, our dear readers. In this tutorial, we’ll cover all the steps necessary for building your first mobile application with React Native from scratch. In this article, we’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to build an iOS application using React Native – from knowing if the technology is suitable for you or not to publishing an app on the App Store.

Here’s the meat and potatoes: we assume no previous React experience. We start with a fresh project and follow along as we build something simple; we build a timer app to keep track of time spent on our work. Each session starts with a lecture, then you pair programs with classmates, and then finally you practice building the timer app yourself. You will learn everything that you need in order to add React Native to your resume!

What is React Native?

React Native is Facebook’s JavaScript framework for writing mobile apps. It combines the intuitive component structure of React which makes it easy to create self-contained modules with Facebook’s native-like performance and cross-platform support. This means that React Native apps can be written in JavaScript and will work across both iOS and Android. We can’t tell you how exciting this is!

React Native is different from other JavaScript frameworks because, instead of being “interpreted” rather than compiled, it runs on the client side to deliver an immersive user experience. It also makes use of the performance optimizations that Facebook has made for React Native throughout the past year. You’ll be amazed at how fast React Native apps are!

How to Get Started with React Native Today!

Our free course will take you from absolute beginner level to shoring up your knowledge on React Native by tomorrow morning in one day! If you know nothing about JavaScript or programming, you should sign up for this course now to get a head start on learning all about programming with JavaScript.

React Native is a relatively new framework, and a lot of the documentation and examples you find online are still in development. This is why we’ve put together a course that will teach you how to build your app before the ecosystem around React Native develops! The more people who learn about React Native now the sooner Facebook will update its documentation and examples to make them easier to use.

Underlying architecture

React Native is an amazing way to build rich, responsive mobile apps without feeling like you’re “writing” views every time you need to use an interface component. By the end of this course, you’ll be comfortable with React Native’s underlying architecture, and be able to build your own React Native apps!

We hope you enjoy learning about React Native. We guarantee that you will learn something new that will be good for your career! If you want to get better at programming, check out our free 6-week Learn Python course on Coursera! We think this is the best way to do so.

Furthermore, React Native is not just a tool for building client-side web apps. In fact, it’s so much more! It’s a complete package, one that can power iOS and Android native apps respectively which means you can build stand-alone apps from scratch in hours instead of days.



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