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The idea of a technology agnostic person is a very elusive thing. We are used to thinking of ourselves as being “technology-aware”. That is, we would likely say the same about people who have never used a computer or cell phone. But the reality is that most of us are technology agnostic, yet we are often told otherwise.

I am really not a technology agnostic person. I think I’m a technology agnostic person if you stop to think about it. I think of myself as a technology agnostic person because I think of myself as being on a path that involves technology.

That said, I think it is possible to be technology agnostic who does not think that our decisions should be based on any technology. Technology can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective. I think there are times when technology is a blessing and times when it is a curse. At the same time I think it is important to note that the way we view technology also makes us more or less likely to buy it.

My own perspective has been a little bit of both. I am a technology agnostic, and I think that makes me more likely to buy things that use technology. But I am also more likely to pay attention to a product design that will benefit from some new technology, and less likely to get excited by a product that will benefit from a technology that I do not have that much of a clue about. I think that people who are not technology agnostic have an easier time with technology.

People who are not technology agnostic could also be described as those who are either not as aware of technology, or people who aren’t as passionate about technology. The former is a bit of a problem, because it makes the difference between a tech-dependent company and a technology-dependent company quite hard to determine. The latter, by the way, is a bit of a problem because it gives some people an excuse to ignore technology.

That was the problem I had with the whole concept of technology agism. Technology agism is the idea that people are less tech-aware than they should be. In reality technology is a very big deal, and people who dont care enough about it can easily be labeled tech-dependent.

Technologically agnostic is a bit of a catch-all term that applies to anything that is not technology. For instance, if you were to ask the typical tech-dependent person what their favorite food is, they might say, “I like ice cream.” But someone who’s technology-dependent might not even know what ice cream is. Technically agnostic is like asking a person who’s never been to a country different from their home country why they like it.

Sure, the tech-dependent person will probably find a way to say I like it because they use a computer to do everything. But the tech-independent person could just say I always love my car(or any other form of transport) because the technology makes it possible.

Technological agnosticism is a great thing. It’s not just an attitude, rather it’s a mindset that allows us to recognize when something is truly technology free.

The term “agnostic” is almost a contradiction in itself. It suggests a person who is open to different kinds of technology, but the term itself is so broad that it could imply a person who only knows one kind of technology. Our definition of agnostic is broad enough to encompass this kind of person.

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