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The gaming industry has come a long way since the arcade era. With the rise of new consoles, games are becoming more and more sophisticated in design and graphics. Gamers today have so many options when it comes to which console they want to buy, how they want their game experience delivered (be it on a TV or on mobile), what genre of game they’re looking for, etc. 

The best thing about all this is that there are now plenty of gaming blogs out there that cover all these topics! 

  • “Game of the Day” by Kotaku

The games I am going to be talking about are the ones that have been dominating my time recently. They’re all new, so it’s not like you’ve heard of at least one of them before. These games are: “Titanfall 2”, “Watch Dogs 2” and “Dishonored 2”. The first one is a game where you play as an elite pilot with amazing powers in battle against other pilots who want to kill you. The second is a game where your goal is to take down a corrupt government organization called DedSec while hacking everything and everyone along the way. And the third has some rich assassin dude trying to get revenge on his enemies while also being hunted by them too! All three are really great for any gamer.

  • “The Gaming Beat” by The Verge

The Verge is a major American technology news and media company that publishes the technology-focused blogs The Verge, Vox Media, Polygon, Curbed, SB Nation among others. It was founded in 2011 as a joint venture between Vox Media and Bloomberg L.P., with an aim to create “ a new kind of news company” that would deliver “information about the world of tomorrow.” Their mission statement says they want to “conjure visions of our future – and explore how people might live through them.” They do this through coverage on topics such as science and technology policy; space exploration; entrepreneurship; global economics; video games; social media culture & internet culture like memes & viral videos.

  • “Gaming and Society” by Polygon

Thinking about the impact of video games on society is one thing, but actually seeing it first hand is another. Polygon has a podcast that explores this concept from different perspectives. In the latest episode “What Kind of Person Does That Make You?” panelists discuss how playing violent video games impacts society and their own lives. A deep conversation ensues with topics ranging from killing in video games to misogyny in gaming culture to whether or not we should argue against bad behavior found in other cultures just because it’s happening here too. It’s an interesting discussion for those who are interested in what kind of person you might become if you play these types of games.

  • “News, Reviews, Previews, and More!” by IGN Entertainment

IGN Entertainment is a website that reviews video games, movies, and television. They also have previews of upcoming games and movies in this section as well. The site gives you the latest news on entertainment from around the world with an emphasis on gaming. You can watch trailers for upcoming games from their YouTube channel or read about them in articles posted on their website. Here News Report Online are some more gaming blog posts.  IGN Entertainment will keep you up to date with new releases for consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well!

  • “What We’re Playing This Week” on GameSpot’s Giant Bomb blog

Every week, the staff of Giant Bomb take turns picking their favorite games to play and talk about on their podcast. This blog post is an extension of that tradition, with each member providing a quick rundown of what they’re playing this week. Whether you want some new recommendations or just need something to tide you over until your next game arrives in the mail, hopefully our eclectic mix will have something for everyone!

  • “All Eyes On E3” from Kotaku’s video game blog

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, is a time for video game enthusiasts to see their favorite developers and publishers reveal upcoming games. While the event typically focuses on new releases and updates from gaming companies like Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft and EA Games, this year’s show will be different. It’ll have a lot less of that stuff since it’s happening in June instead of Los Angeles this year. Instead of the glitzy Hollywood location they’re moving it to Nashville where there are no celebrities or glamour. The big announcements will come through live-streams online at conferences rather than being announced on stage in front every gamer’s eyes like usual.


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