The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Hacking:

Ethical Hacking is a legal technique of eluding the system’s security to detect possible data breaches and threats to a network. The business that runs the network or system permits Cyber Security experts to perform these activities to assess the system’s security. Therefore unlike malicious hacking, this procedure is planned and approved by the company, and most important, it is legal. It is also possible to declare hacking in legal ways or to hack to secure.

The necessity to ensure cybersecurity and ethical hacking are never greater in the modern, highly digital business environment. Cybercrime is becoming a grave issue as more companies move online. Cybercrime could be considered the country that is the third largest economic power in the world, following the United States and China.

An ethical hack is a legitimate attempt to gain illegal access to a computer system or software. The imitative use of malicious attacks and methods is referred to as ethical hacking. This technique aids in the identification of security vulnerabilities that could be rectified before malicious hackers take advantage of the weaknesses. Learning about Ethical Hacking improves your chances of gaining employment opportunities at the most prominent and successful companies. You can sign up for Ethical Hacking Course to get proficient.

Various types of Hackers:

White hat hackers:

      Ethical hackers are hackers who hack before criminals do or hack legally and keep your service secure from hackers. 

Black hat hackers:

     Black Hat Hackers or you might call them bad guys, or those who hack for an unlawful or criminal purpose. Hackers who attempt to hack systems without authorization.

Grey hat hackers:

      However, hackers who gain unauthorized access to the system do not cause harm and disclose the weaknesses to the business. These hackers do their work for their own gain and don’t hurt anyone.

Stages of Hacking:


      It’s the demonstration of gathering data along with the information and insight of your goal to be prepared to attack more effectively. It can be accomplished successfully or passively (Network DNS records, IP address). Hackers will put the most significant part of their efforts at this stage.


     This is the first step that can help propel the attack. At this stage, we look at ports, services, and the like availability. The tools used by hackers for examination would include port scanners, sweepers, dialers, and vulnerability scanners.

Gaining Access:

      The plan of the target system is developed from levels 1 and 2. At this point, we can gain access to the targeted system by connecting access to one or more network devices to erase the information from the targeted system

Roles and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker:

  • Ethical hackers protect computer networks from attacks by untruthful hackers who illegally compromise systems to access sensitive and private data.
  • An ethical hacker uses sophisticated software to hack into his employer’s system as hackers do. The objective is to discover any weaknesses within the system.
  • Hackers of the ethical side conduct sophisticated penetration tests to discover weaknesses in systems of computers that adversaries could be able to exploit.
  • An ethical hacker is acquainted with the organization’s infrastructure and procedures for the business.
  • Conduct an assessment of risks and then implement safeguards to guard sensitive areas.


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