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Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Technology has taken over our lives from the way we communicate to how we work, life is different today than it was a few years ago. Technology blogs have also changed the landscape of blogging. Technology blogs cover topics that are related to technology and technology-related news, which means they will always be interesting and relevant.

Technology blogs are usually written by experts in their field who can provide readers with valuable information about new products as well as tips for using them more effectively. To know more about what a technology blog is, refer to tech blog sites. If you’re interested in staying up-to-date on the latest tech news or if you want to learn more about what’s happening in your industry, then these 4 Technology Blogs You Need to Follow!

  1. The Next Web
  2. TechCrunch
  3. Mind Your Decisions
  4. TNW

The Next Web

The Next Web is one of the most popular Technology Blogs on the web, with over 20 million readers a month. The site covers everything from technology news and reviews to startup companies and thought leadership pieces that influence trends in Technology. Their Technology Blog also features information about conferences, interviews with entrepreneurs, articles for startups to succeed more easily by leveraging technologies and much more!


TechCrunch offers up-to-the minute coverage of all things tech, so there’s never been a better time to be reading it! It has grown into an international media organization covering internet culture including social networking games like Farmville as well as other general world issues such as politics or financial markets. They publish breaking news stories related to these topics, as well as opinion pieces from industry-leading analysts, investors, and entrepreneurs.

One of the best technology blog posts on TechCrunch is “The Technology Will Save Us” in which they explore how Technology can solve some of the world’s biggest problems. The post features an interview with Rebecca Hart, who discusses her work as a tech entrepreneur and what motivates her to keep building new solutions for social change.

This list has been compiled by:

  • Johnathon Aalders at Mind Your Decisions blog
  • Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist
  • Bob Blythe from The Copyblogger Media Group (he knows a thing or two about writing!)”

The popularity of Technology Blogs has been growing for years now and they are still going strong! Technology blogs cover everything related to tech news, gadgets, mobile apps or the latest developments in your field. If you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date on new products or just want some tips about how to use them more effectively then Technology blogs is where it’s at!

Mind Your Decisions

The next blog is Mind Your Decisions by Barry Schwartz, which discusses psychology topics related to decision making, how we make them, what biases influence us, and why some people have trouble with them more than others do. Another one of his popular posts dives into “a paradox at the heart of education” where he explains about our tendency to invest too much time in learning things not as useful later in life like mathematics or foreign languages while neglecting other skills such as good communication or social skills.


TNW has long been one of the best Technology blogs out there, and it’s still continuing to grow in popularity for good reason. Their Technology blog posts are always relevant, on-point and insightful! They cover everything from technology news, company profiles, interviews with entrepreneurs and thought leadership pieces that influence trends in Technology!



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