Do you want to Travel but can’t afford it?

In this best travel blog 2021 post, I’ll be going over how to Travel with No Money and other stories.

Throughout my travels through Europe, Asia and South America, I’ve met many people who have been able to Travel without spending any money at all. This is possible by living in hostels and Couchsurfing for accommodation. You also need an unlimited data plan or a wifi connection so that you can still work while on the road!

If Traveling is something that’s always been on your mind but hasn’t seemed feasible due to lack of funds, then this article will help change your mindset about Traveling more than ever before. It’ll also arm you with some tips and tricks to Traveling on the cheap.

  • Travel with No Money  Free accommodation while traveling
  • Couchsurfing  How it works
  • Hostels are a really inexpensive option for accommodations while Traveling

No need to be rich to Travel abroad:

You don’t have to be rich in order to Travel abroad; all it takes is a little creativity, plenty of patience, and some extra time! As long as you’re committed enough, traveling with no money becomes an achievable goal that’s not only financially rewarding but also spiritually fulfilling. There are so many opportunities out there when one has the will and determination to seize them! With this blog post I hope to inspire readers who haven’t yet seen beyond their comfort zone just how much life can offer if one is willing to take risks.

Inspiring stories across continents:

I’ve been living on the road for five years now and it comes with its own set of challenges. Traveling without money is tough, but there are plenty of other lessons to be learned along the way that aren’t as difficult. You don’t need money to travel! This blog will share inspiring stories from people who have traveled across continents without any funds (and how you can too!)

While I was in India, a local guy told me about his story where he walked all the way from Bihar to Delhi because he needed work. He had no shoes but still managed somehow. His story breaks my heart. But at least I know this isn’t the only story of Traveling across continents without any money.

I’ve met people in South America who hitchhiked their way up from Argentina to the very tip of Brazil, relying on Couchsurfing for shelter and food. There’s a guy I know that lost all his money gambling he was left with nothing but wanted to Travel anyway so he found work where he could as needed until he had enough saved again to Travel further.”

The stories are endless: 

An older couple told me how they survived through WWII by eating tulip bulbs (they grew them themselves at home) because it wasn’t safe going outside; another person told me when she traveled through Tibet and India her first time ever, she would carry around two eggs everywhere in her purse to make sure she had food. Traveling on the cheap is possible and these are stories that remind us of just how far people can go without any money at all.”



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